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Fully customised and branded games for your event.
Engage, showcase your brand & capture data while having fun.


There have been some substantial recent advances in game production software and computer hardware, especially relating to graphics processing (GPU) technology. These changes now make creating a bespoke and branded game to your specification, to fit an events budget, a real proposition. 2D platform scroller games can be custom made and deployed in our custom arcade cabinets or displayed on large format displays or video walls. Read on to see how we can create a "one off" for your next event.


Remember the hours of fun you had at amusement arcades? 

We supply, customised arcade cabinets with either standard classic arcade games installed, or your own fully customised and branded game to your specification. The blank cabinet can be decorated with custom graphics and configured to your game content. Hire or buy, this is an ideal product for an exhibition stand. Visitors can interact with your brand and compete against each other. The cabinets are also suitable for placement in company reception areas.

Hitch Game: Designed for insurance company, promoting caravan insurance at a caravanning event. A PacMan style game where players collect caravans and tow them to a camp site, without being overtaken by irate following drivers.

Real-time render engine

A video game can take many forms and formats. For an unbelievably fast turnaround, software originally designed for the architectural industry, renders a 3D model in real-time. With no programming involved a virtual environment can be produced and a fully rendered view, (like the one on the right of this text), can be displyed on a large format display or VR headset. The player can navigate around the environment, using game controllers or custom built user interfaces. With this technology, the player can explore "showroom" style virtual worlds with infographics and audio.


Unity is one of the most popular platforms for producing interactive 2D & 3D games. It is incredibly versatile and can be used to create a range of games for large format displays, VR, AR, and mobile devices. 


There is no need to be restricted to gameplay via gamepads or keyboards. We can use a variety of hardware to interact with your customised game. The example on the right, uses pressure pads set into the floor to trigger different events in this childrens game. The players have to step on the correct pads, to get fish to swim to the next, otherwise frogs jump out instead. The pressure pads are connected to the game made in Unity, via a programmable interface which communicates the correct pad press to the gameplay. 



Project Prices From
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Lower Price Point
  • Limited Interactivity
  • Requires Rented Hardware
  • Supports VR


Project Prices From
  • Longer Lead-time
  • Multi Platform
  • Can Be Run On Any Device
  • Programmable
  • Supports VR & AR