The process of compositing involves adding virtual assets to real world footage or images, & vice versa.

This is widely used in film making as well as, advertising, but can also be an exciting enhancement to any corporate video, when a presenter is being recorded in their own office and a suitable graphic or video background needs to be added afterwards. In this situation, a green screen is placed behind the subject and video footage is recorded normally. All the magic happens post production. Special effects can also be composited. Camera and object  movements are tracked, so the 3D effect changes with the viewers point of view. We use Hit Film Ultimate for video editing and compositing, video examples below, will give you a better idea of what can be achieved.
Computer Generated Imagery for Industry
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For still images, the process is slightly easier, as the viewers point of view is always the same. Typically, our clients want to insert a product into a real world picture, for advertising or as a pre visual, for an event.
Green Screen Keying

The use of green backdrops is for superimposing additional visual content post production. The unnatural green hue of the backdrop is not normally found in everyday life, so this colour can be digitally removed to create an area where additional graphics layers can be added. If a subject is being filmed against a green screen, then after editing they could appear to have delivered there presentation anywhere, or have product images, video or slides displayed behind them.
Green Screen Shoots

Our portable green screen production unit, provides everything for producing an exciting corporate video, product or fashion shoot or video presentation. We will come to you with a small team and all the equipment needed.