Where the digital meets the real world


AR is a fantastic way to showcase your brand and it's products. AR is normally viewed through a smart phone or tablet app. When the app is launched, it's camera recognises pre programmed images. This triggers an AR event. This can be a video, 3D animation or graphic overlay. The event can be programmed with click through links to webpages. In an event scenario, it is a good idea to have your AR experience pre loaded onto tablets to hand out to delegates or visitors to an exhibition stand. Let them explore print media in whole new way, bringing your brand to life.


Mix life sized augmentations with the real world. Place yourself in the middle of a scene with life sized animations. Objects and characters appear next to you shown on a large format display. This technology can be used in stage presentations or public events, in fact anywhere where a large screen and a camera can be set up. A little known fact that Windows 10 packs with a mixed reality app. means that there is little develoment costs. Customisation is the content that is created for the platform. Contact us for further information or a demonstration.