Take advantage of the very latest camera technology and authoring software 
to create stunning immersive 360 interactive tours

360 deg 3D stereoscopic cameras
with 8K resolution

With the new generation of 360 degree cameras it is possible to capture scenes in up to 8K resolution in 2D and 6K resolution in 3D. Following the huge success our clients have enjoyed using our VR technology at their events, DDM can now offer a cost effective 360 degree filming service for customised interactive tours or showrooms. The footage, stills, timelapse or slow mo can be authored  into an interactive experience, to be viewed in VR on a tablet or phone, or on a webpage. Live events can be streamed to anywhere and viewed on inexpensive VR devices like Google Cardboard.


Using photogrammetry, any images captured in the creation of your 360 degree experience are converted into a 3D point cloud and then a textured 3D mesh . This process is very useful and allows the developers of your 360  degree project to augment the results with additional 3D objects, like 3D text, billboards, dimensions and annotations. As they are created in the 3D space, unlike other 360 degree tour apps which is 2D content stretched into a cylinder or sphere, our technique allows the user to move within the 3D environment. Augmentations remain in the place we put them. A company logo, hung on a wall, will remain in the same place when viewed from different angles.


This new technology is a perfect way to showcase your company and brand. Use our vast experience in 3D technology and VR, to give your customers a memorable interactive experience at an exhibition or conference. Explore factories, retail stores, offices, warehouses, venues and locations. The project can also be viewed on any webpage and is yours to keep. 

So how much does this cost? Of course each project is different and there are many factors to consider. But prices start at under £ 2000 for a completed project. This includes the 3D 360 degree capture and authoring of your bespoke interactive experience, to keep and use how you like. If you would like to discuss an idea you have, or want more information or a customised quotation, please get in touch.